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Support Services for Hospitals, Physician Practices
and / or Pathologist Colleagues

The pathologist-owners for Dahl-Chase Pathology Associates, P.A. (DCPA) are dedicated to strengthening and promoting the practice of anatomic and clinical pathology in the state of Maine. We provide pathology services directly to 18 Maine hospitals from Fort Kent to Kittery, and strive to assist our colleagues by offering a diverse set of support services, including:

Advanced Testing Modalities

DCPA's subsidiary pathology laboratory, Dahl-Chase Diagnostic Services, provides a full range of technical component testing, including histology, cytology, flow cytometry and molecular diagnostics. If your lab, or those you supervise, requires specialized testing, we can help. And since we have partial ownership in our own courier, Uniship Courier Services, LLC, we can guarantee very prompt turnaround times.


Our 15 pathologists are all board-certified in anatomic and clinical pathology, with subspecialty certification in hematopathology, dermatopathology, cytopathology, and transfusion medicine, with subspecialty expertise in breast pathology, molecular pathology, gastrointestinal pathology, genitourinary pathology, and head & neck / endocrine pathology. As a result of this breadth and depth of expertise, we will provide experienced and knowledgeable pathology consultation and support for you.

Clinical Laboratory Management Consultations

DCPA employs a team of consulting medical technologists, who augment our pathologists and help support quality control, proficiency testing, regulatory compliance, technical education, policy and procedure development, new test validations, etc. at the clinical laboratories we oversee. All of our technical consultants are seasoned medical technologists with extensive laboratory management experience, and are available to assist you and your lab.

Pathology Information System

Dahl-Chase uses the PowerPath pathology information system, and we have the ability to interface with your EMR or HIS for ADT, orders and results reporting, as well as for billing. For our pathologist colleagues, there may be an opportunity for you to save on maintenance costs and/or licensing fees if you are presently operating your own system, and there are several different ways we can integrate our system with yours.

Telepathology and Interdisciplinary Teleconferencing

We cover scheduled remote frozen sections in person or via our Motic whole slide scanner digital pathology system by telepathology. Our interdisciplinary conferences are available to our clients by Zoom.

Backup and Vacation Coverage

We appreciate the challenge many of our colleagues face in taking time off, especially those in solo or very small practices, which is why we routinely cover for several pathologists across the state. Whether it's to lend an extra set of hands (and eyes) or cover the entire practice, let our strength in numbers help you to take the time away you need.