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Flow Cytometry

The Dahl-Chase Flow Cytometry division is a client-oriented, cutting-edge, full-service flow cytometry laboratory with extensive experience in PNH (paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria) testing. This innovative laboratory was pivotal in the development of a very sensitive method for the detection of minor PNH clones that is the national standard for testing. As a result of the extensive experience, Dahl-Chase Flow Cytometry is your obvious technical resource for hematology/oncology clinical practices throughout the country. The flow cytometry staff are a highly competent, professional workforce that are available to help through all steps of specimen collection, transport and interpretation of test results.

Flow cytometry allows rapid identification and quantification of subpopulations of cells in suspension through assessment of physical properties and antigen expression. Specimens for flow cytometry typically include fresh blood, bone marrow, body fluids, or tissue samples which can be labeled with fluorescence-tagged antibodies directed against specific cell surface proteins based on clinical history and suspected diagnosis. Our current clinical instruments are capable of simultaneously examining up to 10 different antigens, providing a very high level of sensitivity and allowing identification of abnormal populations at diagnosis as well as the identification of small abnormal populations in the post-therapy setting.

Available Assays:


All specimens must be labeled with the full patient name, second identifier (date of birth or medical record number), and source of the specimen.

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Monday through Friday 7:00am - 6:30pm
Saturday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Turnaround Time: 1 - 2 working days

Phone: (207) 941-8282 or (877) PNH-FLOW

Presence of myeloblasts
in a patient with AML
Presence of abnormal B-cells
in a patient with CLL