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Jay J. Ye, M.D., PhD.
Kevin Kitagawa, M.D.

Our two experienced board-certified dermatopathologists review and interpret all of the skin specimens we receive. They work closely with submitting clinicians to ensure clinical and pathologic correlation. There is also a monthly dermatopathology conference, which is open to clinicians either in person or via conference call, in which the clinical and pathologic findings for challenging dermatologic cases are presented. The conference aims to foster case relevant discussions and help formulate treatment plans, as well as present interesting and unusual cases.


Skin biopsies should be sent in formalin unless special testing such as immunofluorescence is needed. For immunofluorescence cases, the specimen should be submitted in Zeus medium, which can be provided upon request.


All specimens must be labeled with the full patient name, second identifier (date of birth or medical record number), and source of the specimen.

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