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Carol Trask, M.D., Director
Chung Shum, M.D.
Richard Riemersma, M.D.
Karolyn Nicholas, M.D.

The Cytopathology department at Dahl-Chase offers liquid-based Pap testing utilizing the SurePath Pap Test methodology to decrease the number of unsatisfactory samples and reduce the need for repeat tests. In addition, this one collection vial provides a sample to test for high-risk types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV testing is performed utilizing the Roche Cobas 4800 assay. Our combined gynecologic report includes both a pap test interpretation and, if requested, HPV genotyping.

In addition to providing processing and screening services to our clients, we offer SurePath Pap Test Prep Only to outside facilities. This service is designed for those who wish to offer SurePath Pap Test collection and interpretation, but whose volume does not support the cost of processing. The referring laboratory maintains all communications with their clients, while Dahl-Chase provides a high-quality specimen to review.

Dahl-Chase provides enhanced interpretations of non-gynecologic specimens, including fine needle aspirations, from many body sites including bladder, GI tract, lung, salivary gland and thyroid. To support the cytopathology diagnosis and to provide our clinicians with more information about their patient, our pathologists utilize an array of in-house, state of the art techniques including immunohistochemistry, leukemia/lymphoma evaluation and EGFR/ALK.



All specimens must be labeled with the full patient name, second identifier (date of birth or medical record number), and source of the specimen.

Requisition Forms:

Sample Reports:

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday:
Cytopreparation, 6:00am – 10:30pm
Cytopathologists, 7:30am – 5:00pm

Turnaround Time:

  • SurePath Pap Test - 1 to 4 working days (if HPV is needed 1-5 working days)
  • Non-gynecologic Test - 1-2 working days (if extra stains or cell block are required 1-3 working days)

Cytopreparation, (207) 941-8263
Cytopathologist, (207) 941-8200