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Chelsey Gracia, D.O.
Scott Dufresne, M.D.
Mayur K. Movalia, M.D.

The division of Hematopathology offers full service diagnostic evaluation of blood, bone marrow, lymph nodes and other hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues. Our goal is to provide timely, appropriate, accurate and cost-effective evaluation of each specimen, integrating the various results obtained into a single diagnosis.

At Dahl Chase, our hematopathologists can be easily reached for direct communication and rapid consultation. We provide a comprehensive diagnostic interpretation integrating state of the art technology including:

Bone marrow reports are integrated to include results of morphology, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, FISH and molecular studies which increases patient safety.

Monthly hematopathology conferences are held by Zoom with oncologists to discuss patient results and management options for complex cases.



All specimens must be labeled with the full patient's name, second identifier (date of birth or medical record number), and source of the specimen. Slides must be labeled in #2 pencil with the above information.

Requisition form:

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm

Turnaround Time: 4 - 7 working days

Hematopathology FISH Department: (207) 941-8207
Hematopathologist: (207) 941-8200